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Great White Pressure Control a part of ARCHER

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4500 SE 59th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73135
(405) 605-2700

Great White Pressure Control

If you are going to be a leading provider for oilfield services, you need the knowledge, the tools, and skilled personnel to carryout any job that may come at you. That is exactly what Great White Pressure Control has. Great White Pressure Control employees are some of the best known pressure control and well control experts in the oil field services industry.

Great White Pressure Control was formed in 2006; a joint effort by some of the industries top professionals to be a new leader in the service, stimulation, and pressure control industry. With several hundred combined years of experience, the leaders at Great White Pressure Control are ready to face any challenge that may arise.GWPC Crew

With a brand new fleet of equipment, including wireline, nitrogen services, pressurized fluid pumping, coil tubing, and rig assist snubbing unitst; Great White Pressure Control has proven to be an emerging leader in the services industry. Great White Pressure Control has one of the largest fleets of “mini” and space saver rig assist snubbing units currently working. Pressurized pumping services range from nitrogen stimulation and fluid or nitrogen washing, cleanout, and debris removal to high rate nitrogen fracturing. Wireline services are quick and efficient with self contained mast trucks capable of running braided and slick lines. With a fleet of new coil tubing units, Great White Pressure Control is ready to tackle any number of washing, cleanout, drilling or fishing operations. Great White Pressure Control’s team of well control specialist have tackled local, off-shore and international jobs ranging from fires and blowouts, to hot tapping and gate valve drilling under pressure and H2S, to freeze jobs and surface pressure control situations.

Great White Pressure Control has the knowledge, experience, and the engineering to back them up. It is the intent of the company to be known globally for speed and skill. When you think of the leaders in oil field service and pressure control expertise, think of Great White Pressure Control.